A periodic table of elements expressed in three dimensions Elementouch Yoshiteru MAENO Kyoto University

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News (2023/02/27)

Maeno presented on the “Discovery of the element nipponium in 1908 and its Re-assignment to rhenium” at the American Chemical Society (ACS) Annual Meeting. (2021/04/12-13) [ONLINE] (2022/03/21)

Maeno presented on the “atomic and nuclear periodic tables” at the American Chemical Society (ACS) Annual Meeting. (2021/04/12-13)

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”Nucletouch, a nuclear periodic table of the elements, is on the cover of the Dec. 2020 issue of "Butsuri", monthly journal for the members of The Physical Society of Japan.(2020/12/10)

[Free download] Download the pattern to make your own Nucletouch.

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"Elementouch" in a scientific journal. (2020/08/18)

For the first time in the world, we announced the "Nuclear Periodic Table".(2020/Jun/02)

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The periodic table is like a “world map”, and the Elementouch is like a “globe”.
By changing the conventional periodic table that looks like a monotonous alphabet into a three-dimensional structure with a triple helix structure, it has become possible to express the regularity and properties of the elemental period that could not be realized on a flat surface.
The elements are color-coded according to the system of arrangement, and are designed to help systematic understanding.