Giordano MATTONI

Giordano MATTONI
Program-Specific Assistant Professor

I am interested in the physics of quantum materials and the funky effects they let you trigger when tuning the right knobs. I am currently working on the electronic and magnetic properties of strongly correlated single crystals, such as Ca2RuO4.



I have a passion for making scientific data visual and colourful (several colleagues tease me for this). Metal–insulator transitions (MITs) are a particularly attractive topic for this purpose, offering nanoscale and microscale features that are my personal challenge of physics photography.


MIT in Ca2RuO4 driven by current

Before landing in Japan, I mostly focused on thin films and heterostructures. Building materials layer-by-layer, shaping them micron by micron, and measuring them down to milli-Kelvin temperatures, I could study unconventional material properties and exciting physics.

MIT in NdNiO3 driven by temperature and strain
Quantum oscillations in the two-dimensional electron gas at the WO3/LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface
A suspended WO3 “micro-guitar string” that can be tuned by hydrogen gas
Nanodevices for hydrogen sensing based on WO3 ultra-thin films

I particularly enjoy coding and automating processes, driven by my desire to spend little time in noisy labs. I also setup this website, in an attempt to showcase the cool science and social events we do in this lab.

As an Italian guy, originally from Rome, I am only now getting in touch with the wonders of the ancient Eastern world. Fascinating culture, cryptic Kanjis, and beautiful unspoilt nature make Kyoto a fantastic place for my non-scientific ventures. When I am not in the lab, you can probably find me somewhere in the local mountains: either biking, hiking, skiing, or swimming!

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